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Internal policies and living order at the hotel Onegin

Please carefully read the rules for accommodation, room reservation, check-in, and provision of services and leisure activities applicable at the hotel Onegin. Following these rules, you can avoid various disagreeable situations and also greatly improve your staying at the hotel.

1. General Provisions

The given rules are to help to regulate the relationship between the contractor, the hotel Onegin, which provides hotel services, and consumers, ie, people ordering rooms in the hotel and using its services for personal or family needs, and other needs not related to obtaining business.

Booking of rooms, accommodation, and the provision of paid services at the hotel Onegin is carried out according to the "Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation", approved by Government Decree No.490 d/d 25.04.1997 (edited by the RF Government Resolution No.1104 d/d 02.10.1999, 02.10.1999, and No.693 d/d 15.09.2000).

The hotel Onegin is working 24 hours a day.

2. Detailed information on the services provided. Hotel accommodation

All guests who have pre-booked a room have the right to stay at the hotel. The newly arrived who have not booked a room in advance can get rejected in case there are no vacant rooms.

Booking of a room is confirmed only after the assignment of a special personal booking number.

Without confirmation of booking through the payment by credit card or deposit, the booking will be canceled after 18:00 on the arrival date.

The room key is provided after submitting the original of the following documents: the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the original of the birth certificate for children under 14 years of age, a military ticket for military personnel, or a national passport+a visa for entry into the country and a migration card (unless another procedure for entry is envisaged by bilateral government agreements or international treaties) for foreign citizens.

Hotel Day: from 14:00 on the current date till 12:00 on the following date.

Check-out is at 12:00 local time.

The check-in up to 3 hours earlier than the fixed time can be carried out upon request without any additional payment, but only in case of vacant rooms.

The price of the guaranteed booking when placing before the fixed time:

  • The check-in before 08:00 is payed 100% of cost of the booked room;
  • The check-in after 08:00 (until 14:00) is paid 50% of the room`s cost.

The price of placing after the fixed time:

  • The check-in from 12:00 until 18:00 is paid 50% of the initial room`s cost.
  • The check-in after 18:00 is paid 100% of the room`s cost.

For a family staying, no fee is charged for a child under 12 years of age without a separate bed or an extra bed. In case if a child at the age of 3-12 years old needs a separate bed, the tariff will be 1.000 rubles for each hotel day.

Staying at our hotel is only allowed within the payed period. As soon as a guest wishes to prolong the time of staying, a new payment for booking can be made only in case of vacant rooms.

The fee for the canceled room is to be refunded in full, provided the guest has not been using the services of the hotel. The amount paid is refunded immediately after the complete inspection of the room by a hotel employee. It is the guest's obligation to submit a bill for staying at the hotel, an original fiscal receipt, and an original slip (if the payment was conducted by a card).

When leaving the hotel Onegin, the guest must conduct the full payment for both core and additional services rendered. Finally, it is necessary to hand the room key directly to the administrator.

Concerning the visiting of the hotel`s guests by outsiders, it can be allowed only upon the agreement between the administration and the guest, who lives rightfully at the hotel. In the absence of any considered document to prove the identity of a visitor, meetings can only take place in the hall of the hotel. Please note that visitors are allowed to stay only until 23:00, as beyond this time a visitor should be registered as a hotel guest, and, accordingly, his staying is to be paid for. Failure to comply with these prescriptions may result in reducing the time of the visit, or its terminating.

Staying at the hotel with any pets is strictly forbidden.

Hotel Onegin is a zone completely free of smoking, thus, in case of violation of this rule, a guest will have to pay a fine amounting to 5.000 rubles.

3. Regulations and guests` responsibilities

Guests who have paid for the hotel accommodation, therefore, agree with the hotel`s rules and thus are obliged to:

●Strictly follow the rules of staying at and paying for the hotel`s services established by the administration;

●Compensate for damage in case of the loss/damage of hotel property, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The extent of the damage is determined according to the hotel's price list as of the date of the damage detection. As soon as the damage is compensated, the Act on damage and its proper compensation in 2 copies is drawn up;

●Avoid causing discomfort to other guests of the hotel, which means not only respecting the quiet, but also the public order;

●Avoid contributing to power emergency situations and to provisions for damage of water-heat supply networks, as well as other technical and engineering systems and the up-to-date equipment of the hotel Onegin;

●In case if a guest of the hotel turns out to have any infectious disease / suspicion of such, the guest will have to leave the hotel immediately (Article 33 of the Federal Law №52 «On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population" d/d 30.03.1999);

●Provide an advance payment when booking to guarantee the full payment upon arrival;

●Pay in full and in a timely manner for all the additional services provided by the hotel. Otherwise, the services rendered by the contractor are terminated until the debt is fully repaid;

●Turn off the light, shut off water taps, close the windows, turn off all the electrical appliances, and lock the door when leaving the room;

●Conduct the full payment for both core and additional services rendered when leaving the hotel, with notifying the administrator and handing him or her the room keys.

In case of any disadvantages in the services provided by the hotel, a guest of the hotel can demand all defects to be eliminated in full and for free. Definitely, a guest has the right to cancel the contract with the hotel at any time if any significant difficulties in providing the services in appropriate manner do occur.

Also, when in the territory of the hotel, guests are strictly forbidden to:

  • Hand over the room keys to the third parties not concerned with the contract concluded;
  • Store in deposit boxes or in the room any bulky items, radioactive or explosive substances, flammable materials, weapons, etc., that can endanger the security of other guests and staff or the hotel`s property.
  • Guests, whose occupation means carrying and storing any kind of weapons, are required to submit a relevant document confirming such a right;
  • Store or illegally use pyrotechnics;
  • Use electric heaters, unless they are provided by the hotel equipment;
  • Disturb the other guests` calm after 23:00;
  • Contact people who have turned out to have any infectious disease / suspicion of such.

In case of violation of all or several conditions from this list, the hotel administration is fully entitled to cancel the contract on providing hotel services unilaterally.

4.Rights and duties of administration of the hotel Onegin

The hotel Onegin is to ensure placing the following awareness materials in a readily accessible place, and to provide it upon the first request of a guest:

  • List of rules for the provision of hotel services;
  • Price list for all rooms;
  • Information on all services, as well as on their cost;
  • Information about the supervisory organization.

The hotel is obliged to familiarize the guest with core and additional services, possible forms of payment, and, surely, to provide all the services in accordance with the established price list.

The hotel administration shall provide the availability in all rooms of the hotel Onegin of the rules of staying at the hotel together with the rules of fire safety.

The following services rendered by the hotel are free of charge:

  • Change of cotton bed linen at least once in three days;
  • Emergency ambulance call;
  • Provision of first-aid kit;
  • Early morning call at a desired time;
  • Provision of boiling water;
  • Reference information on the city and surrounding area.

In case of urgent need of emergent repair or sanitary and epidemiological activities to be conducted in the room in order to eliminate various problems threatening the guests` safety or interfering their living at the hotel, the administration has the right to move immediately the guest to another room.

The hotel Onegin also has the right to stop rendering hotel services, and, consequently, to evict the guest, in case of his or her intentional violation of these rules, non-fulfillment of payment and booking conditions or the conditions regarding full payment for the room and all the additional services provided before checking-out. Eviction also can follow the acts of aggression on the side of the guest, or the actions aimed at damaging the health of other hotel`s guests or staff.

Things forgotten in the room subject to vacation according to the contract with the hotel Onegin will be placed in the storage room, or other suitable storage space, with the entrusting to the guest of all expenses for their storing.

Moving guest's things to the storage room is carried out only by the hotel administration staff in the presence of all the employees to ensure the safety of things. The person who was staying in the corresponding hotel room is informed about this event, provided that the hotel administration has contact information of this guest.

Serious violation of the above rules of conduct at the hotel and of the safety regulations by a guest results in an immediate deny in the subsequent staying of this guest at the hotel. At the same time, an appropriate act on the incident is drawn up, with the possibility to call law enforcement officers if considered necessary.

The hotel Onegin is responsible for the safety and security of all things in the rooms in case of full compliance with all the hotel rules and safety regulations. In case of lost things, the hotel administration undertakes all sorts of measures to promptly return the things to their owner.

The hotel is almost not responsible for money, valuable documents and other securities, currency valuables, precious jewelry, etc. in the case of their loss, if they had not been previously put it in the safe deposit box at the hotel.

The forgotten things are stored at the hotel for 6 months from the date when it was lost by the owner. Substantial sums of money, and valuables are safely stored in the hotel's storage for up to 1 year, according to the compiled Act on Forgotten Things.

All the certificates of compliance with the norms by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service as well as other quality certificates are true.

The hotel Onegin ensures complete confidentiality of personal information of guests and visitors.

Guests who are booking rooms at the hotel or already staying there take into account and do not object to the availability of video surveillance system at the hotel (except for rooms and bathrooms).

5. Settlement of disputes

Upon first request of a guest who has paid for the hotel room a Complaints and Suggestions Book is to be provided.

All claims and complaints are obligatorily considered and submitted for discussion not later than in a month since the date they have been received.

In disputable situations regarding the quality of service both parties should in any case strive for a peaceful settlement of the argue at the place. If there is no any possibility of settling the conflict at place, the guest has the right to state the claims that he or she considers fair, in writing.

If the hotel staff, despite the efforts, failed to eliminate the shortcomings in servicing the guest in a proper manner, after the expiration of 14-day period the guest has the right to file his or her claims.